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Take part and win a #JustOverTheTop experience in one of the most incredible places on earth !

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Should you choose to accept it... Become a trio of JOTT brand ambassadors on an extraordinary trip.

Styled from top to bottom and kitted out from head to toe, you’ll visit one of the two most beautiful destinations in the world to enjoy a #JustOverTheTop experience.

You’ll meet the locals, enjoy intense experiences, shoot films and take photographs in magical settings and share your personal experiences with online readers. Online readers will be in touch with you throughout your adventure, suggesting new challenges for you to take on !

So, are you ready for an adventure ?

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Choose your destination, take a picture of your Just Over The Top Attitude (in trio) and fill in the form until 22 February. Make sure your friends support you! The more likes you receive, the more likely you are to jet off!

By 25th February

There’ll be just 4 trios left for the grand final. You’ll have 4 days to convince the jury that you are the future #JOTTTrotters!

On 1st March

You may be officially named as a #JOTTTrotter. The 2 winning trios will jet off.

March is here !

Our 2 trios fly off for their #JustOverTheTop adventures ! One of them in North Cape and the other one in South Cape.


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